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Olymp tuxedo shirt men, luxurious and stylish

Contrary to what you would expect, they are easy to maintain and have a comfortable fit. Formal and chic doesn't have to be synonymous with stiff and restrictive when you choose Olymp. It goes without saying that the tuxedo shirts are bright white to match any classic or modern tuxedo and any occasion.

Olymp tuxedo shirt in different styles

The basis of the Olymp shirt for the tuxedo is of course classic and elegant, but there are still many features that need to be chosen. You will find different collar types in the collection, sleeve lengths and fits. Depending on your figure, a different shirt will suit you better. The cut of the tux you have chosen also plays an important role in the choice of your shirt.

Choosing the perfect tuxedo shirt

The perfect tuxedo shirt fits flawlessly with your figure and fits like a glove. The sleeves extend under your vest, but do not cover your hands in any way. The cufflinks come into their own against the white background of the shirt. Another very important feature of the tuxedo shirt is the hidden buttons. When you close the shirt, you will only see a plain, smooth collar at the front, under which the buttons are neatly hidden. Structure in the material is certainly allowed, as long as you know how to combine it with your costume and accessories.
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