The original Burlington socks with check pattern can be recognized by the Burlington clip. The iconic check pattern is Burlington’s trademark! Burlington socks are available in several trendy color combinations. Order your Burlington socks online at Suitable!

The Burlington socks check pattern is this brand’s trademark, since its first pair of socks in 1975. Nowadays, this fashion company creates more than socks. Today this German brand is internationally renowned for its successful collection of clothing as well. This fashion brand offers a nice, diverse collection. The iconic Argyle pattern is alternated with plain colors and stripes.

From socks to stockings

In men’s fashion, stockings were gradually replaced by socks. Socks with creative designs such as circles, stripes and check patterns became modern. The choice of socks is in the first place a matter of taste. The color and the design should match the outer clothing and shouldn’t be too dominant.
Anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable with Burlington men’s socks with patterns, is better off with a plain colored pair.
If you prefer a Burlington pair, make sure the most dominant color matches the color of your T-shirt, dress shirt or sweater.

Cotton socks

Cotton is a soft, staple fiber that grows in a form known as a boll around the seeds of the cotton plant. The fibers are spun into thin threads, from which soft and breathing textiles are made. Such as socks. The cotton Burlington socks are named ‘Manchester’.

Burlington models

The Burlington socks assortment consists of several models:

Burlington Blackpool
Burlington Blackpool
Burlington Clyde
Burlington Edingburgh
Burlington Everyday
Burlington Fashion
Burlington Manchester

In other words, plenty of options to find the right pair for the perfect look.

Woolen socks

Burlington woolen socks are made of pure new wool in combination with nylon for extra strength. The woolen Burlington socks are named ‘Burlington Edinburgh’ 

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