Of course, not everyone is a fan of boxer shorts and that is why there are of course the traditional briefs. It is tightly fitted and provides a high degree of comfort on the skin. The briefs are available in different colors and are from various highly regarded brands in the lingerie field such as the German brand Schiesser. Therefore order all your briefs online at Suitable.

The slip is popular and widely known. It comes in various designs and models. The classic brief is relatively compact and has a fly, the sports brief and the mini brief are again slightly small and usually have no fly.

Slip or boxer shorts?

The decision about a slip or boxer shorts is often made by feeling. Even when boxer shorts became very popular in the 1980s, the real fans of the briefs were not fooled. However, anyone who likes the free feeling of the boxer shorts will always experience the support of the briefs as oppressive.
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