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Are you looking for a casual shirt that is comfortable and fits well? Barbour's shirts, made of soft cotton, are available in different models. This way you are assured of a comfortable garment with a good fit.

Over the years, the luxury outdoor label Barbour has grown into a lifestyle brand, with a wide collection of practical and timeless items, for lovers of the active outdoor life. Similarly, Barbour shirts are not only stylish, but also pleasant to wear.

Cool shirts

A cool blouse is part of a sporty, adventurous man. With the colors and designs of a Barbour shirt, that's fine. Consider, for example, a good checkered in trendy colors or a neutral, plain color that is easy to combine.

Complete your casual look and wear a Barbour blouse with your favorite jeans or chino.

Shirts with an outdoor style

Barbour shirts have a nice rough and tough look and may immediately remind you of the country and western style. Partly because of this, these shirts appeal to a very wide male audience. When you combine a Barbour blouse with cool jeans and a pair of sturdy boots, as a man you immediately get that "rough-shelled white pit-look" that will make many a woman's heart beat faster.

Timeless and unique

The simple style of the Barbour shirts makes them timeless and unique garments. They can therefore last for years and never go out of fashion. The modern Tailored-Fit fit is completely contemporary. The plain shirts from Barbour are available in a number of basic colors, namely:
  • White for neater occasions
  • Navy blue for a more classic look
  • Light blue for a fresh spring look
  • Casual, slightly mixed anthracite

In addition, there are of course the different shirts with a cool checkered pattern for that real lumberjack look.

Comfortable, durable, and practical

Because Barbour men's shirts are made of 100% cotton, the shirts not only remain beautiful for a long time, but are also very pleasant to wear. Cotton is a natural material that itself feels pleasant against the skin. In addition, it is able to absorb a lot of moisture and to continue to breathe. Barbour shirts can therefore be worn in any situation and under all circumstances without having to compromise on comfort. In fact, it is not even necessary to wear another T-shirt under the blouse anymore.
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