Men's accessories

From ties to suspenders and from scarfs to cufflings. At Suitable we know that the right accessories can really complete your look, whether its casual or formal. Finish your suit with a matching tie and put on a cap to match your casual, sporty outfit. With a wide variety of brands and items, you should be able to complete every look in your wardrobe!

Formal for work

Are you required to wear a suit to work every day? We get it, you need some way to show personality without having to wear a bright coloured suit. Ties are you best friends. At Suitable you’ll find a lot of different colours, fabrics and patterns. This way you can vary with your ties and give your suit a different look every single day.

Belt are also very important. Not just to hold up your pants, the right belt can give your outfit a luxurious feel. Match the colour of your belt with your shoes and always choose good quality.
Our collection men’s accessories offers a lot more! Suspenders, handkerchiefs, bags, belts, socks, boxer shorts and more. And when it’s cold outside we’ve got you back with our assortment of scarfs, gloves and beanies!
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